Tuesday, May 19, 2015

3D Hole Puncher

We got the idea for brainstorming. We used a google doc to list many great ideas. It took us a long time to chose what we should do. We thought the clear hole puncher was the best.  We thought that this was the best because it helps so much.

Our design was looking for a more modern look. Its a hole puncher that punches one hole at a time, if you what so punch two holes you can.  It was very hard to make a hole puncher on tinkercad but we did it. It took more than five shapes to just make the housing for the spring. For the whole hole puncher it took 13 shapes.

The big problem was that is was not clear because they didn't have a clear filament. So its not clear but once they come out with a clear filament we will reprint it.  The other problem was that it could not punch a hole. We solved that by getting a razor. Those were all our problems.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


STEM means Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Robotics is related to STEM because it needs Engineering to make the robot. Our robot was connected to science because if it was in a orchard, it would be cheeking on trees and seeing if there were good to pick. They would take a picture of the tree and see if it is ready to pick. It relates to Technology because it tells if the orchard is ready to be pick and a robot is doing that not a human being. It has a lot of math in it because you have to program it with calculations. STEM is clearly part of robotics.